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The value of every next bit in a byte is twice the value of the previous one: 1:2:4:8 and so on. Just four bits allow for 16 different values.
This principle combines four 1:2:4:8 capacitors in a converter and four 1:2:4:8 transformers in an AC voltage stabiliser.
This principle allows for smooth and linear voltage symmetry control in converters and precise voltage control in stabilisers.

Instead of using contacts, power semiconductor modules combine components at moments of zero volt difference in a sine wave.
All components stay cool. Life expectancy is high. No high frequency, no switching in the sine wave, no need for filters or shielding.

For Phase Converters

Converters with one run capacitor produce mostly unbalanced voltages. Manufacturers suggest to oversize a converter to improve balance. But voltages remain  stable when the value of a run capacitor is automatically adjusted for best symmetry. No need to oversize a converter.

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For Voltage Stabilisers

A transformer would require 32 taps and 32 SCRs to produce 32 different linear correction voltages to compensate for wrong line voltages. Using four smaller transformers with binary weighted voltages requires no taps and only a few SCRs for the same result.

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