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E-D SCR Drivers

E-D SCR Drivers

Product description

Engages the start capacitor to accelerate the generator motor fast.
Senses starting load motors, re-engages start capacitor for fast accelertion. 
Load motors accelerate fast; machines ride through overloads.

Requires an external standard SCR-Diode module available everywhere.
The SCR module is protected against long lasting overloads.
Controllers come with complete single to three-phase converter schematics.

Product specifications

Start capacitor turns on when the generated phase drops to 80% of nominal.
Start capacitor turns off when the generated phase becomes nominal again.

Smooth switching occurs at zero volt difference between capacitors.
Unlimited power for 3x 230V, 3x400V or 3x460V converters.
Three-phase output voltages are only balanced when combined with R.