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Controllers for Voltage Stabilisers

Older stabilisers use servo Variacs: Metal fingers scrape over transformer windings.
More modern stabilisers use multi-tap transformers or IGBT pulse width modulation.

Tapped transformers offer crude voltage resolution only. 
IGBTs require many parts, produce HF noise and need to be shielded and filtered at high costs.

Our QuadCore technology uses four small transformers.
Transformers, selected in binary groups, produce any correction voltage between + 42V and - 42V in fine stages.

The internal logic continuously computes the transformer combination needed to produce the right correction voltage.
When the input varies, correction voltages are computed and applied.

Transformers are quietly selected free of stress at zero crossing moments in the sine wave.
Output voltages are precise, steady, stable and pure sine wave.
Overload capacity is available for motor start and reverse applications.

There is no upper power limit for this technology.
No high frequency switching, filters and shielding is not required. 

No contacts, no moving parts are found inside. Switching is performed by most reliable SCRs.
No maintenance is ever required; life expectancy is unlimited.