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Converter modules

Converter modules

Product description

Install a single phase step-up transformer, a standard three-phase motor and this pre-tested module. The few connections are made in minutes. The ready-to-use converter modules include all power capacitors, coils, the discharge resistors and the digital power electronics.

ME senses starting motors and boost the output power to accelerate a motor to full speed in the shortest possible time. 
MC and MT also sense how much power is needed and boost the phase currents for optimal output voltage symmetry.

Product specifications

415V standard:

ME3, ME4, ME6, ME8 for 3-8kW or ME4open and ME8open for 4 and 8kW

MC4open and MC8open for 4 and 8kW: 2-stage voltage symmetry control

MT8open, MF12open and MF16open: 8-16kW 8-stage voltage symmetry precision for CNC and other demanding applications