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Boosted VFD™

Boosted VFD™

Product description

VFD. 240V single phase in, 415V three-phase out. No transformer, solid state only.

Limited performance:

A motor in the kW rating of the VFD will produce up to 60% of its name plate power. 

A smaller motor will produce 100% power. 


Boosted VFD™ 5 for a motor up to 4kW (5hp).

Boosted VFD™ 10 for a motor up to 7.5kW (10hp).

Boosted VFD™ 15 for a motor up to 11kW (15hp).

Product specifications

Connect the VFD's output to a distribution board with several 415V outlets.

With the VFD off, switch on the machines you want to run. Start the VFD. 

Selected motors and machines will accelerate to full speed in some seconds.

Do not switch a motor or machine while running.

Careful with the frequency knob: Stay near 50Hz, you may overheat motors.