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Booster T

Booster T

Product description

Supply can be 240V single- or 415V two- or 480V split-phase.

Three-phase output is 415V.

Machines, motors, VFDs and CNC equipment produce full power.

Booster T8 for 8kW

Booster T12 for 12kW

Booster T16 for 16kW

Booster T24 for 24kW

Booster T32 for 32kW

Booster T40 for 40kW

Product specifications

Eight stage fine voltage balancing.
Three-phase voltage symmetry is + - 3% for CNC machines, VFDs, inverters, welders, pumps and motors under high loads.

A Booster detects a starting load motor and generates motor start currents until this motor has reached full speed.
Motors and machines start fast.