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Voltage Boosters for VFDs

Voltage Boosters for VFDs

Product description

A 400V VFD will run on 230V supply.

Pure solid state conversion.

A DriveBooster™ plus a VFD acts as a single to three-phase converter.

DriveBooster™ 5 for up to 4kW (5hp).

DriveBooster™ 10 for up to 7.5kW (10hp).

DriveBooster™ 15 for up to 11kW (15hp).

Product specifications

Connect the input to an industrial switched 230V high power single phase wall outlet.

The DriveBooster's output is 600VDC, connect it to the VFD's capacitors + and -.

Newer VFDs have a DC bus terminal for this, it is called + and - or POS and NEG.