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Product description

A DriveBooster™ and a VFD combined:A 230V to 400V single to three-phase converter.

No transformer, pure solid-state: This system will produce 100% motor power.

Start, stop, reverse and control the speed using buttons and the speed knob.


DriveCombo™ 5 for up to 4kW (5hp).

DriveCombo™ 10 for up to 7.5kW (10hp).

DriveCombo™ 15 for up to 11kW (15hp).

Product specifications

Requires a switched 230V industrial single phase wall outlet.

Connect the DriveBooster output cable to the VFD's DC connector.

Connect the VFD's output to a three-phase 400V motor.

Adjust the speed. Careful not to overheat a motor at low speed.

This is a solution for restricted applications:

Use it only when a motor will not be switched during operation.

Multi-motor application: All motors ran at the same speed.

Combined kW rating must be within the DriveCombo's rating.