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MultiPhase Converter

MultiPhase Converter

Product description

The MultiPhase converter converts single phase power to three-phase power. It is is based on an indestructible solid-state power electronics block. The output phase voltages are electronically balanced for the use it with CNC machines, motors under high loads, deep well pumps, VFDs and machined with a mix of motors and inverters. Supply voltages are 220V - 230V - 240V single phase or 380V - 400V - 415V two-phase or 440V - 460V - 480V split-phase. Output voltages are balanced to 380V - 400V - 415V. Versions are for 8kW, 12kW, 16kW, 24kW, 32kW, 40kW ot 48kW.

Product specifications

MultiPhase offers eight stage plus one output voltage balancing. It senses starting motors and generates high start-up currents each time a load motor starts. Inside are a robust digital power controller, groups of high voltage long-life power capacitors and a quiet running service-free generator motor. The duty cycle is 100%.