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Product description

400V and 460V VFDs require a three-phase power source to run.
Newer drives can run on DC as well (regenerated power).

A DriveBooster™ converts 230V AC into the DC such a drive needs.
A DriveBooster™ and a VFD combined is a 230V to 400V single to three-phase converter.
A motor will produce the same power as the VFD were connected to a three-phase supply.

A DriveCombo™ is a combination of a DriveBooster and a standard VFD.
Preprogrammed and pretested as a system.

DriveBooster™ 5 or DriveCombo™ 5 for up to 4kW (5hp).
DriveBooster™ 10 or DriveCombo™ 10 for up to 7.5kW (10hp).
DriveBooster™ 15 or DriveCombo™ 15 for up to 11kW (15hp).

Product specifications

Single phase supply requirement for the DriveBooster:
Use an industrial switched 230V single phase wall outlet.