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Single to three-phase VFD

Single to three-phase VFD

Product description

Add speed control to your machine, make it run on single phase or do both. 
Connect the output to a three-phase motor and the input to a power outlet. 
Instantly control start stop and the speed.

Change the setting and the fwd rev contacts in your machine will take over control.

You can't just put a VFD between a single phase power outlet and a machine and use it like a single to three-phase Booster converter.
But you can add a VFD to make almost any machine run on single phase power: 
Planer, thicknesser, saw, grinder, blender, blower, shear mixer, woodworking machine, multi motor combination machine, lathe, grinder, pipe bender, pump, compressor with relief valve.

Use a single to three-phase Booster converter to run a CNC machine, a welder, a multi motor machine or a multiple machines on single phase, or if you do not wish to add a VFD to a machine.

Product specifications

Three different classes: 

Series 22: 240V single to 240V three-phase. 0.75 - 3kW
Series 24: 240V single to 415V three-phase. 0.75 - 7.5kW
Series 44: 415V three to 415V three-phase. 0.75 - 11kW