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AC Line Voltage Stabiliser

AC Line Voltage Stabiliser

Product description

Industrial equipment requires stable, constant and symmetrical voltages.
Reliable solid-state AC voltage stabilisers produce pure sine waves.

Three-phase line voltages are stable and symmetrical under all loads.
Output voltages are adjustable for power saving purposes.

Product specifications

Single phase Eurotech HEX AC voltage stabiliser with a 220V or 230V or 240V output.
Three-phase HEX AC voltage stabilisers are for 380V or 400V or 415V three-phase power.

No lifetime limiting moving parts and contacts.
Reliable solid-state digital power block for uninterrupted service-free operation.

Voltages are precisely stabilised, manually adjustable for energy saving purposes.

Momentary overload capacity for starting machines, starting motor and welders.
The three-phase voltages are symmetrical and precisely balanced.

No servo, no variac with scraping metal fingers on transformer coils, no tapped auto-transformer with changing impedance, no life limiting relays.
Instead reliable and long lasting low cost solid state technology.