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Controllers for phase converters

Controllers for phase converters

Product description

Controllers start the internal generator motor; they also sense the output to detect starting motors. They re-engage the start circuit and support the starting motor until it reaches full speed. Motors, small and large, start fast and ride through overloads with ease.
Controllers also sense a locked rotor to disconnect start currents.

To manufacture single to three-phase converters you will need:
60Hz: Capacitors, a high efficient three-phase motor and one of our controllers.
50Hz: You will also need a step-up transformer.

Smart E controllers are used in Booster converters.
Smart T and F controllers are used in MultiPhase converters.

Booster and MultiPhase converters use 900VAC capacitors for longevity and to resist extreme temperatures.

Product specifications

E controllers are for 4 and 16kW.
T controllers are for 4 and 8kW. Voltages are balanced to within +- 5%.
F controllers are for 16, 24, 32, 48, 64 and 128kW. Voltages are balanced to better + -4%.

Capacitors are selected and released, free of stress, at zero-volt crossings in the sine wave.