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Product description

Machines, pumps, cooling equipment and VFDs require stable voltages to work.
Reliable AC voltage stabilisers for workshop, farm and factory.
The incoming supply voltage may vary widely, the stabiliser output remains stable. 

A farm at the end of a power line may experience low supply voltages at times.
A property in a weak network suffers when other customers use more power.
Near power stations, voltages may be too high at times and the meter runs fast.

No rotating parts, no servos, no transformer taps. No switching in the power path.

Stabil-1 for single phase applications: 4kW - 24kW.
Stabil-3 for three-phase applications: 4kW - 64kW.

Product specifications

Stable output voltage is selectable: 220V or 230V or 240V +-2%.
No rotating parts. No servo-variacs. No switching in the power path. 

AC voltage is digitally stabilised.
For precise regulation.

The AC input voltage can vary but the output voltage remains stable.
Efficiency is 98%.

Part replacement warranty is five years.