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Product description

E controllers are single stage start controllers. No phase voltage balancing.
They sense starting load motors and support them with high start-up currents.

C are digital two stage controllers. One start and one run stage.
They offer simple voltage balancing, load motors produce maximum power.

T offers four stage and F offers eight stage output voltage balancing.
This is combined with a start SCR as in E controllers.
Voltage balancing happens in binary mode, together with groups of capacitors.

Capacitor switching occurs at zero volt difference between capacitors.
Without any stress to SCRs or capacitors.

Product specifications

E controllers up to 16kW have internal SCRs.
The voltages at which the start capacitor is engaged are adjustable.

C controllers are 8kW units.

T controllers are 8kW. Start and run voltages can be adjustable (Option).

F controllers for 60Hz are 8kW to 100kW. For 50Hz they are 12 - 110kW.

All controllers start motors the kW size of their total throughput.
Converters with T and F controllers do not need to be oversized.

Converters with E have a output symmetry of +- 9%.
C offer +- 6%, T 4% and F 3% symmetry.