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Single to three-Phase converters Controllers for phase converters and voltage stabilizers

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for workshops, factories, farms where three-phase power is not available.

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  • Unlimited life.
  • Balanced output voltages.
  • Suitable for CNC, VFD and welders.
  • Boosts output currents when motors start.
  • Motors start fast.
  • No need to use an oversized converter.
  • Pure sine wave output.
  • Available for 230V, 400V and 460V supply voltages.
  • Available with 230V, 400V and 460V three-phase output.


for Phase Converters and AC Voltage Stabilizers.

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  • for Single to Three-Phase Converters:
  • Digital. Smart. Contact free. Balanced voltages. 
  • For CNC machines, welders, hard-starting motors.
  • Supports starting motors with high boost currents.
  • No moving parts: Long life.
  • for Voltage Stabilizers:
  • Low cost. No moving parts. Long life.
  • Replaces servos, inverters, tapped transformers.

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