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Single to Three-Phase Converters

Single to Three-Phase Converters. Balanced outputs for inverters, machines, CNC equipment, motors.

Export of SCR-based controllers to manufacture converters.

AC voltage stabilisers for 230V single and 400V three-phase for up to 150kVA throughput.

Export of SCR-based controllers to manufacture stabilisers.

Phase Converters and Stabilisers

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Single to three-phase converters with clean sine wave outputs.
Symmetrical voltages for all CNC, all inverters and all motors.
Converters don't have to be oversized.

Precise AC Voltage Stabilisers don't require any service. 
No contact, no transformer taps, no IGBT, no filter, no moving parts.

Controllers for Manufacturers

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No switching in the sine wave, no moving parts, no contacts.
Converters: Capacitors are switched at zero volt crossings.
Stabilisers: Transformers are switched at zero volt crossings.

Digitally controlled SCRs for longevity.
No service is ever required.

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